Mandala Artist – Jamie Locke

Masterfully Carved, One-Of-A-Kind Mandalas.

Custom Carved Mandalas Created Specifically For You.

As a life long artist and maker in many mediums, I discovered a love for creating mandalas in 2007, inspired by the traditional Indian art form of mehndi and mehndi designs. My work has evolved from creating henna designs on skin and then ink on paper, to carving intricate designs onto wood, metal, glass and stone.

What began as an exploration in 2007 has turned into a career that has enabled my artwork to find their place in homes all around the world. It continues to be a work that inspires & thrills me and it brings great joy to see carved mandalas in homes, offices and galleries far and wide.

I am currently working on licensing designs and my hope is to release an adult mandala coloring book this year, a process I have begun with my Monday free downloads. Please contact me if you would like to discuss licensing for your next product or design idea.

Though most of my works are commissioned one of a kind pieces, please view my store [here] for current available works or please contact me to discuss a one of a kind commissioned piece of art for you or a loved one.

Mandala Design