I love seeing the mandalas I created hanging in their new space…especially the ones I’ve created for art gallery exhibitions.  Unlike my commissioned mandala pieces, I never really know who I am creating it for but always believe there will be someone that will feel like it’s made just for them.  Because I can’t be there the entire time the exhibition is up, sometimes I don’t know who purchased any particular piece, so it’s always so nice to hear from the purchaser telling me how much joy *their* mandala brings them.  Truly, it makes my heart expand with gratitude and reaffirms that I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing in this world right now.

New friend and owner of two of my mandalas sent me a message the other day telling me that she had just opened a Yoga Studio and School up in Zionsville and that one of the pieces she purchased is hanging in her yoga studio space serving as the alter’s focal point.  Now the serendipitous part of this story is that I had met Lily (owner of said yoga studio) last August at a weekend long music/arts/yoga festival called Serendipity, where she purchased her first mandala from me. Over the course of that weekend, I created a mandala and of course named it, “Serendipity.”   Fast forward to November where I included that very piece in an art gallery exhibition, where unbeknownst to me, Lily then purchased it.  At the time, I didn’t make the connection when I was told that a yoga instructor had purchased it and that her plan was to hang it in the yoga studio she was preparing to open…and it wasn’t until I received that message from Lily that it all came together!  Serendipitous indeed!  I am honored and thrilled that “Serendipity” now hangs in such an incredibly beautiful space!   Central Indiana friends, and those visiting, I encourage you to stop in and check out this gem in Zionsville, I have no doubt that spending time in this studio will leave you feeling centered, inspired and loved..  Visit www.bloominglifeyoga.com for class and workshop times.

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